Sleeping Beauty | Gillian Florence

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Interviews


“I honestly believe that sleeping under handmade bedding gives you better rest. I feel that the time invested by the maker on the item stitches energetic love into the product.”

Tell us about Hush Linen

Hush Linen is my creative outlet, where I play with fabrics and make gorgeous bed linens.

My chosen career has been in clothing- either design, pattern-maker, manufacture supervisor, costumes for film, costume maker for the carnival.

I love sewing and found that making 2 dimensional items was deeply satisfying. I’ve always made my own duvet covers and they last and last and are so cozy.

I have made myself a variety, all of them quite different color palettes, and styles, and I see them as little art-works which can transform the feeling of my bedroom, with a change of bed linen.

What inspired you to create Hush Linen?

I honestly believe that sleeping under handmade bedding gives you better rest.

I feel that the time invested by the maker on the item stitches energetic love into the product.

Handcrafted items are a luxury in our mechanized pacey world, and I want to help keep crafted and slow-made items a household thing.

What have you learned the hard way?

Don’t drink and drive. Speaks for itself. My angels were very busy that day, keeping me safe and everyone else out my path. Thanks, guys.

What piece of advice would you give your 21-year-old self?

This question makes me think of that spoken word song:

You are not as fat as you imagine, stop wasting your youth worrying about how you look. You look the best you’ll ever look with that fresh youthful glow.

And in 10 years time you’ll find some a photo of yourself and be amazed at how beautiful you were, and never felt. Such a waste.

What would you tell your future self if you wrote a letter to her now?

I would have a fair bit to tell her, but the following things would be the most important:

Time is a healer.
Ask for help.
Believe in yourself.
Trust your instincts.

What books are on your bedside table now?

Right now I not really in a reading space, I’m doing an intense movie job, and the hours are rough, so I only two at the moment.

There is ‘Affirmations’ by Noah St.John, which has offered me a very refreshing perspective on the process of affirmations, definitely worth purchasing your own you can re-read. There is also one of Kathy Reichs, Mortal Remains: pure entertainment and bubble gum for the mind after a long day.

There’s usually a pile from the library. I love public libraries and the books.

I often wander amongst the shelves and choose books purely by their title. I find there is something so magical about a book traveling to all those people’s homes, telling everyone the same story, but with their own voices.

I often look at those dates stamped into the front, and can’t help but wonder what stories the book could share if it could talk.

What is your idea of happiness?

Peace and calmness, and a sense of belonging. It’s not always easy to achieve all three at once, but the inner calm and contentment is always a winner.

What scent is most evocative for you?

I think this one is freshly cut grass. It makes me think of slow childhood Sundays, and family times.

It’s cold and rainy and you’re home alone – how do you spend your day?

I’ll usually lie in and drink my coffee in bed, then spend the rest of my day in my sewing room, making something beautiful.

Who would you most like to receive a postcard from?

My parents, while having a fabulous international holiday.

Who would you love to have tea with and why?

Vivienne Westwood. Easy to answer – she’s the Queen of Punk, Goddess of Design, and a total Environmental Badass !!

She must have great stories to share and has a unique and remarkable view of the world. I would love to spend an afternoon in her company, yes, please.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever got?

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. My beloved Dad’s line.

He is an amazingly adventurous eater and will give anything a try. He used it usually around food, but it’s a good attitude to approach a lot of things (within reason of course.

Right now, I’m loving…

My home, and incredible girl gang.

There has been a lot of loss within our circle, and it’s made me appreciative of my circle of sisterhood and all we offer one another.

Share a quote and why it inspires you

“Pick your battles’
This is a good one…I have no idea who said it first, but it’s a reminder that some things are not worth the fight, and preserve your energy for the things which are worth it.

You win the lottery – what’s your first purchase?

Airplane ticket. Hands down first purchase…somewhere fabulous on the very long bucket list.

My favourite film for cheering me up is…

This is a toughie, I don’t usually watch movies more than once. One of my all time favs though is Amelie. It’s just beautiful and quirky.

One thing I care less about as I grow older is

What other people think, and their unrequested opinions.

One thing I care more about as I grow older is

My friends, and family.

My go-to comfort food is

Baked potato with avo and basil pesto. Anyday.

At the end of the day…

I take off my shoes and my bra. Funny, but true, who invented those things?

Seriously though, I usually make a cup of tea, and have a sit at my kitchen table and take 5 minutes to appreciate all I have in my life. I like to lie in until the very last moment in the morning, so this is my normal time for mindful reflection.

Sometimes it takes more than five minutes, I’ve got a lot to appreciate in my glorious life.