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by | Aug 17, 2018 | Interviews

I had been on a roller coaster ride with my body and my health for most of my life.

Tell us what Bespoke Body is all about

Bespoke Body offers holistic lifestyle services including health coaching, personal fitness training and a wellness blog with recipes and inspiring articles. There are a few other areas that I would like BB to expand into in the future, but for now, this is enough!

What inspired you to do the work you’re doing?

I had been on a roller coaster ride with my body and my health for most of my life. From being underweight and “orthorexic”, to binging and purging to extreme partying. Eventually, I found my way back to balance and decided to study and become a qualified health coach. My work is inspired by helping others end their body and health struggles and help them look and feel their very best.

What is one thing you learned the hard way?

Don’t do an extreme cleanse right before a big event where you plan on drinking… Talk about undoing all the good work of the cleanse. Not to mention the worst hangover ever!

What piece of advice would you give your 21-year-old self?

Probably the same as above 🙂 Haha. But also… I would tell my 21-year-old self to save her money and travel; to not spend so much money on clothing and to break up with that asshole and enjoy being young!

What books are on your bedside table now?

There’s constantly a pile of books next to my bed! I read mostly wellness related books, but I do try to balance it out with some fun fiction.
At the moment: The Archetype Diet by Dana James; Glow 15 by Naomi Whittel; Party Girls Die in Pearls by Plum Sykes and a Kundalini yoga training manual.

What 3 books influenced you the most?

Ooh… it’s so hard to choose…

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – I mean who else didn’t want to just take off on an eating/meditating/travelling voyage of self-discovery after reading this book?!

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris – This book actually has a permanent place on my bedside table now, because I constantly revisit it… there are so many useful tips from all the experts in health, wealth and wisdom.

Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore – This book takes an holistic approach to skin health and inspired me to chuck out most of my mainstream skin and make-up products. There are also lovely recipes for making your own skin products in this book, which I’ve used a lot!

What is your idea of happiness?

I used to equate happiness with a lot of material and external factors. Through meditation and a lot of self-work, I’ve found happiness within myself. It’s a sense of calm contentment. When I’m in that internal happy space, everything else in life seems to flow and good things just seem to happen.

What scent is most evocative for you?

I’m a palo santo junkie. I burn it at home morning and evening. It’s kind of like burning sage, but I think it smells much better. It clears the air and shifts the energy. Because I usually burn it before yoga or meditation, the smell always brings a sense of calm to me.

I’m also obsessed with good perfumes… probably the one chemical toiletry that I will never give up. Tom Ford Vanilla Tobacco & Tom Ford Santal Blush bring up a lot of happy memories.

It’s cold and rainy and you’re home alone – how do you spend your day?

I’d start by making a warm beverage; maybe a Bulletproof coffee, Golden Latte or a mushroom and superfood infused hot cacao. Then I’d probably spend most of the day between reading and watching TV series and maybe make a big pot of nourishing soup in between being a sloth!

Who would you most like to receive a postcard from?

Oprah. Can she invite me for tea and a nice chat wherever she’s sending her postcard from?!

What are your favourite websites for inspiration?

Chalkboard Magazine – great wellness trends, articles and inspiration
WuHaus – beautiful food, gorgeous design and even cool playlists
Goop – I know there are a lot of haters, but I really enjoy most of the content and find a lot of inspo here.

What is your favourite edible treat?

Any of the raw vegan treats from Scheckter’s Raw… droooool. I also adore chickpea fudge. I used to be addicted to popcorn until my colonic lady told me to stay away from it.

Who would you love to have tea with and why?

Oprah… again sorry, but come on! I grew up watching her show and remember sharing many laughs and tears. She started exploring spirituality long before it was cool. She asks such great questions. I listen to her Super Soul podcasts now. Her voice is just so comforting.

What does success mean to you?

Having the time and freedom to do what you want when you want (without being an asshole!)

What’s the best piece of advice you ever got?

“Find the middle road.” My mom said this back when I was a teenager. She was trying to help me find balance and moderation instead of swinging from one extreme to the other. I try to keep this in mind in all areas of my life. Balance. Moderation.

What is top of your bucket list?

I haven’t really thought of “bucket list” things I’d like to do. The next travel destination on my list though is Bali. I really want to go and soak up all the amazing health foods, yoga, healers and natural beauty it has to offer.
I’m going to start thinking about that bucket list today!

What is the biggest misconception you’d like to change in the health industry?

That there’s one diet/exercise routine/supplement regime that works for all. We are all so vastly different, how can a one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing ever work? Also, 99% of doctors don’t know a thing about nutrition. (It literally takes up 1% of their doctor’s training), so please question everything, do your own research and don’t be afraid to ask for second/third/fourth opinions. Even the best doctors don’t always get everything right.

What is The Big Dream for Bespoke Body?

World domination obviously! I have a few ideas in the pipeline, but I’d rather not say for now… But even if I just keep going with consistently seeing a handful of health coaching and personal training clients and changing their lives for the better… well that will be a pretty good dream come true for me!

What are your top 3 things for optimal well-being?

Physically: water/ movement/ nourishing foods that suit your body
Mentally: doing stimulating work /having a purpose/ laughter
Spiritually: meditating or having another spiritual practice/gratitude/love
Way more than 3, but it’s so hard to narrow it down. Those are good places to start.

Right now, I’m loving…

Lion’s Mane mushroom extract for brain function / F45 Training – functional fitness classes / HBO TV series called Succession.

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