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by | Oct 20, 2017 | Interviews

My jam is helping people figure out what they want to achieve in the most efficient and authentic way. I am a firm believer if there is a will there is a way.
Kiyaa Hider is a genuine all star. A mom, a seasoned business woman (she has 20 years’ experience in industry) a biz owner and passionate mentor (Women’s Evolution Center is the non-profit arm Kiyaa uses to train women how to survive and thrive in their day-to-day while investing into their future self.) KLH Consulting, LLC is her for-profit arm that allows her to apply her expertise to inspire, serve, and support small business owners to build lasting businesses. What were your biggest challenges? Figuring out my ‘flow.’ Growing businesses is really like raising children. You have to nurture and spend time to make an impact. My challenge has been investing and balancing my role as mom and as business owner. When you create a business from the ground up, it is hard to get people truly onboard to understand the struggle, the grind, and the hope and promise to come. I’ve had to be resolved in my plans even when those around me (although they mean well) doubt and say “Maybe you should go back to a 9 to 5 corporate position.) Just this year alone I have started to figure out a good flow (even though I have hit snags with dealing with a miscarriage, and still having to run my business.) One thing I can say for sure is believing in what I do pushes me through all of it. What makes you joyful about having your own biz? All of it. The pain the struggles, that makes it so much more worth it when a client comes and says, “Oh my gosh! You have changed my life and my business.” Or I have helped them break through a cloud that stopped them from achieving their dreams for their business or life. Even as I write this at 3:00 a.m. with my 3 year old in my lap, I find the joy of finishing projects and creating information that impacts people’s lives. I really wouldn’t exchange this life for anything else. I love what I get to do each day and I love the freedom to design the life I want to live and help others along the way.  Win-win. What inspired you to do the work you’re doing? I’ve always rooted for the under-dog. People having a vision or passion but circumstances and decisions prevent them from even starting down the path of execution. The average small business or entrepreneur gets swallowed up by the heavy-hitters, major competitors, etc. in their industries. I’ve spent 20 years in industry and professionally witnessed so much inequity it burned me deep in my core. All of this prompted me to pour into other people whatever knowledge and experiences I could give to inspire, serve, and support individual women and small business owners. What is one thing you learned the hard way? Don’t over commit. Trying to be everything for everyone and do it all. You actually burn out and do more damage. Now I work on under-committing and overwhelming with excellence! Although this is a work in progress and sometimes lately I have taken on more than I can effectively execute. It snuck up on me dang-it! What piece of advice would you give your 21-year-old self? Hold on to your values, stand strong on your convictions, find your purpose and passion. Stay steadfast to a plan to implement your purpose. Then stick to your plan (tweaking along the way if sound, trusted advice makes sense.) Not everyone’s advice, even if they are an ‘expert’ in their field is right for your vision, your purpose, your passion. Do you! What books are on your bedside table? Oh! I love to read when I can carve out time. Currently, I have my bible, “Design Your Life” by Rachel Roy, and a copy of the Harvard Business Review. What is your favorite way to switch off from work? It truly depends on the day and my mood. I love to play with the kids and spend time talking, laughing, dreaming with my husband, mother, or girlfriends. If I want to unwind by myself I will pour a generous glass of wine and either read, binge watch Netflix, flip through a magazine for style inspiration, or binge watch YouTube Videos about hair and makeup. OR I may just sip on wine and stare at a candle listening to the silence. At the end of the day, the thing I treasure the most is…

My family.

Kiyaa’s number one tip for women to move from dreaming to doing:

Figure out your “why” and “who” will benefit, from what exactly you want to do. Then sit down and put a preliminary plan down. Hold on to your vision and your why.


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