You want a business and a life you love. You want to be a happy, shiny, successful girl boss. Welcome to Shine!

design & branding

1 visual identity

Making the invisible visible.

Your visual identity communicates the message and feeling of your biz through anything visual, like a logo, colours, fonts and images.

In our crowded consumer world, first impressions count. We’d love to create a visual identity for your biz that looks and feels as wonderful as it is. Whether you are starting a new biz, or want to refresh an existing brand – present the best version of your idea to the world. 

2 website design & development

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” Ralf Speth

A website is a digital presence that gives your biz visibility, credibility and an opportunity to communicate with your ideal audience. 

Shine designs simple, beautiful websites that are easy to use and put your biz on the digital map.

3 Social Media Branding & Biz Cards

You have a beautiful and shiny visual identity for your biz, now ensure everything that visually represents your biz looks on brand too!

Shine creates cool, shiny biz cards and beautiful social media branding so that your biz looks proffessional and polished from top to toe.

content creation

1. writing

Tell a story, create a connection and live happily ever after.

Shine puts the art back in articulate. We create copy that is clear, concise and connects with your audience in a way that resonates with them, makes them want to work with you, buy from you and basically love everything you do.

Compelling, well written copy that beautifully expresses who you are and what you do is an art and worth every penny. Typos, poor grammar, long winded, boring, vague or cliched copy just doesn’t cut it.

2. photography

A powerful image speaks louder than words.

We live in a visual society where images capture our attention. The quality of your photographs is what makes you stand out.

Stylish product shots, great location shots, professional but cool portraits for your bio, snappy Instagram packs for fresh and original content – the list is endless!


1 – one on one training

Learn to do it yourself!

Biz D.I.Y is fun! I offer one on one personal training and coaching sessions on digital marketing and social media. We’ll sit together and focus fully on you and your biz. I’ll teach you how to create a professional Instagram or Facebook page, how to craft the perfect post and most importantly how to have a solid game plan for rocking your social media platforms.

Pay as you go with no committed number of sessions (plus you can even bring a friend to share the cost.)

2 – awesome, inspiring workshops

Demystify the world of digital marketing and social media.

Shine offers small, focused, affordable workshops that show you exactly how to step up your social media and digital marketing game. You’ll join a group of awesome biz babes like yourself (great for connecting and making new friends!) learn TONS and leave armed with a strategy and kick ass attitude, ready to shine!

3 – I’ll do it!

Hand over your troubles to an expert while you focus on the things you enjoy doing in your biz and are really good at.

Is that a deep exhale I hear? Sometimes it’s way more cost and time effective to hire an expert to bring your ideas to life. I’ve worked with many small biz owners just like you, helping their brand to shine and bringing their biz alive online. 

After working together you can expect to:


Have a beautiful and professional brand that truly reflects your biz and all that you have to offer.


Have saved hours of time trying to do it yourself and instead have spent time growing your biz.


Be clear on why and how to digitally market your biz and how to rock your social media platforms.


Feel confident, motivated, happy and ready to shine as a fully-fledged, brand new biz babe!

if you want your biz to shine please contact me!